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Double-Clad Fiber Couplers (DCFC)

Double-Clad Fiber Optic Coupler/Splitters for Confocal Microscopy, Scanners, Fluorescence Imaging,  Spectrally Encoded Endoscopy, Spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), LIDAR, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), and more...

Two types of double-clad fiber couplers are available:

Type 1: Symmetric Double-Clad Fiber Couplers (S-DCFC), fabricated from double-clad fibers (DCF) with identical core and inner/outer cladding diameters.

Type 2: Asymmetric Double-Clad Fiber Couplers (A-DCFC), fabricated from double-clad fibers (DCF) and multimode/large core fibers (100um, 200um, 300um cores) with different core/cladding diameters, can be custom designed for optimizing coupling into the multimode fiber.

- Single mode (SM) core for 450nm to 1632nm wavelengths

- Inner cladding diameters 15um to 105um

- High coupling ratio to inner cladding or to multimode fiber, up to 60%. Custom coupling ratio available upon request.

- Low back refection

- Low loss for SM core signal, < 0.3dB.

- Low loss for inner cladding signal.

- Custom fabrication, please call us for custom designs.


DCF: Single mode core operating wavelengths

450nm - 700nm

700nm - 1000nm

1000nm - 1270nm

1270nm - 1632nm


 DCF: core/inner/outer cladding 

Multimode/large fiber: core/cladding


2.5/15/125um to 9/105/125um (double clad fiber)

50/125um, 100/125um, 200/250um, 300/360um (multimode fiber)


SM core signal efficiency




Coupling to inner cladding or multimode fiber


> 60% or  custom design



 0.11 - 0.19 core (double clad fiber)

0.19 - 0.24 inner cladding (double clad fiber)

0.12 - 0.39 (multimode fiber)


port configurations

1 X 2, 2 X 2,  or custom

operating temp.


-40 C to + 80 C



-Tube (3mm X 55mm) with fiber pigtails 

-Tube (4mm X 75mm) with 900um buffer

-Aluminum bar with 3mm  jacket




FC, ST, SC, SMA, UPC and APC polish.....



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Contact Us      Phone:1-604-996-8647 (Canada) , Phone: 1-949-783-6310 (USA)  ,

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