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Multimode and large core fiber optic couplers (splitter/combiner)

Typical applications include; Optogenetics, Biomedicine, LAN, Cable TV, Sensors, Metrology and more....

Multimode and Large Core fiber optic couplers are designed to split/combine light within UV, Visible and IR wavelengths.

Available from stock are multimode and large core couplers manufactured from variety of fibers with small and large core diameters and numerical apertures.

Please call us for custom designs.

operating wavelengths
UV, Visible and IR wavelengths (260nm to 2000nm)
split ratios
1/99 to 50/50
insertion loss
min 3.2 dB max 4.8 dB
30 dB
fiber core diameters
50um, 62.5um, 100um, 200um, 300um, 400um
fiber type silica/silica, low OH, High OH, Solarization resistant
 0.12 - 0.39
port configurations
1 X 2, 2 X 2, 2 X 4, 4 X 4, 8 X 8,
1 X 16, 2 X 16, 1 X 32, M X N or custom
operating temp.
-40 C to + 80 C


-Tube (3mm X 55mm) with fiber pigtails 

-Tube (4mm X 75mm) with 900um buffer

-Aluminum bar with 3mm  jacket

-bench top box

FC, ST, SC, SMA, UPC and APC polish.....


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